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Alphamega Hypermarkets: Protecting public health remains a top priority

  • Alphamega Hypermarkets constantly look at ways to further boost safety measures

Aiming to protect public health, Alphamega Hypermarkets continue to take increased safety measures, while implementing all Ministry of Health decrees to limit the spread of the Covid-19 pandemic.

With a high sense of responsibility towards their customers and associates, but also members of staff, Alphamega Hypermarkets implement a strict safety protocol, while also taking a series of measures to ensure the company’s uninterrupted operation and sufficiency of products. The aim is to offer the best possible service to society at a time of heightened needs.

More specifically, all stores are equipped with an electrostatic disinfection system, which makes it easier and faster to disinfect trolleys, the tills and other common areas, while all stores have an automatic visitor counting sensor to ensure strict adherence to the measure for one person per 10 square metres of used space, as laid out in the Ministry of Health’s decrees.

Furthermore, pre-emptive disinfections are carried out weekly, by an authorised spraying company, which uses products that continue to provide protection for days afterwards, while work benches and common areas are thoroughly cleaned and disinfected regularly throughout the day at all hypermarkets. It is noted that the ventilation systems in all stores operate around the clock, in order to ensure the air is constantly being renewed.

At the same time, Alphamega Hypermarkets are constantly trying to find ways to further boost their protection measures for the consumer public, taking full advantage of what technology has to offer. To this end, in order to encourage contactless transactions, it has installed more self-checkouts in its stores around Cyprus, while it continues to offer customers the option of doing their shopping online, through the well-known food delivery platform Foody. In addition, the company has sped up the process of launching its own e-store.

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